Ingrown Toenails Understanding and Avoiding

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there are more than 3 million cases per year of ingrown toenail per year, Onychocryptosis is the medical term for an ingrown toenail- which occur when the edge of the nail begins to grow into the soft tissue of the toe

Ingrown toenails (aka Onychocryptosis) are quite common. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are more than 3 million cases per year.

What is an ingrown toenail?

Onychocryptosis is the medical term for an ingrown toenail- which occur when the edge of the nail begins to grow into the soft tissue of the toe.

At first, there may simply be a dull ache but when left untreated ingrown toenails can become quite painful and infected.

Signs of ingrown toenails include swelling, redness, bleeding and/or a pus-filled nail groove.

Shoe gear creates a dark, warm, moist environment that is a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria easily allowing for infections to set in.
It is therefore important to have your ingrown toenail examined and treated by a podiatrist as soon as possible.

Ingrown toenail causes

Many things can begin to make a toenail curl into the tissue around it. You may be cutting your toenails too short; wearing shoes that crowd your toes; you may have previously injured the toe which has changed the growth pattern of the nail. Conditions like diabetes and peripheral vascular disease put you at higher risk for ingrown toenails.

Ingrown toenails treatment

The first thing that you do is take the pressure off of the affected toe by switching to sandals or open-toed shoes.
Soak your foot regularly, if possible three to four times a day in warm water.
If you don’t see an improvement in 2 or 3 days or if the pain and swelling increase, make an appointment with your podiatrist-don’t let the ingrown toenail progress to the point of infection.

Treatment by a podiatrist typically involves numbing the toe with a local anesthetic followed by removing the edge of the nail.
Depending on the severity of the ingrown toenail and whether it is infected additional measures may be taken to destroy the offending nail border.
According to a study by Eekhof et al surgical interventions are more effective than non-surgical interventions in preventing the re-occurrence of an ingrown toenail.

What happens after an ingrown toenail is treated?

Typically you will have very few restrictions on your activity or footwear after treatment of an ingrown toenail.
Most people can bathe and shower normally and wear normal shoot gear right after the treatment.
Those who take part in sports or other exercise activity are usually able to do so after 24 hours without restriction.

Ingrown toenail prevention tips

  • Keep your toenails trimmed straight across so they are even with the tips of your toes
    Wear shoes and socks that give your toes plenty of room
    Wear protective shoe gear when you are performing work or other activities that put you at risk for injury to your toes.
ingrown toenails
ingrown toenail – Most infections are from own treatment
  • It is important to seek the help of a podiatrist at the first sign of an ingrown toenail rather than simply trying to treat it on your own.

    Those who attempt to treat their own ingrown toenails without the help of a podiatrist are far more likely to suffer from infections and to have recurrences of their ingrown toenails.  

If you have been suffering from painful toenails schedule an appointment with us today to see how we can help you.

Dr. Kenya Lazovik – Cliffside Podiatry foot & ankle center
Dr. Kenya Lazovik

Dr. Kenya Lazovik

Dr. Lazovik strives to provide high-quality care to her patients at Cliffside Park Foot and Ankle Center. She is trained to address a wide range of medical issues such as bunions, arthritis, heel pain, sports medicine, flat foot, diabetic foot care, and wound care. Her office is outfitted with digital x-ray and lasers used in the treatment of fungal nails and various soft tissue injuries as well as an affiliation with a state-of-the-art custom orthotics lab.

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About Dr. Lazovik, DPM

Dr. Kenya Lazovik received her doctoral degree in podiatric medicine from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine and completed a podiatric residency training at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in Queens. She is a member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, the American Podiatric Medical Association, and the New Jersey Podiatry Medical Society. She is double board certified by ABFAS for Foot & Ankle surgery and by ABMSP for Diabetic Foot Care.

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yassine regragui
02:40 12 Oct 19
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Toni Gerbino, Nutritionist
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I love this practice. Both the Doctors are excellent and the staff is wonderful - I highly recommend them!!
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Amanda Piccinich
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I recently broke my ankle and decided to come here for treatment after reading the great reviews. Dr. Lazovik and staff are awesome and so accommodating! I am so happy I chose this place. Just after one visit, I can already tell how much this office cares for their more
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Melissa Casasnovas
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Great doctor and wonderful staff. Highly recommend
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Jackie Guerry
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richard guerry
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Dr. Lazovik is an incredible doctor. I drive 90+ minutes because finding a specialist who knows what they are doing, with a fantastic attitude & genuine care for their patients is hard to come by. And in addition to first rate medical services provided, the customer service is also way above "standard". For example: Feeding my meter for me with their own quarters so my car was not ticketed. Highly Recommend this Doctor for the entire more
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Glenda Maldonado
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Love this medical facility . Jenny at the reception desk and the other team member are So sweet ! Dr. Lazovik is awesome . She’s honest and sharp , and the entire team truly are all very caring . The offices have undergone renovation as well . Always parking available . Highly recommend !read more
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Rob Grosch
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The VERY BEST. Look no further. She is the Podiatrist for you.
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Lydia Valencia
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I love Dr. Manno! A very concern doctor, the office staff very friendly. Nice atmosphere.
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Bnoname Ranon
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I give Dr. Manno and her staff the highest recommendation. Not only is Dr. Manno super professional, super kind, super experienced (you can tell she's seen everything), but the staff -- THE STAFF -- is incredible. I am an office manager as well, and I hope to be as good as Dr. Manno's staff is. The compassion, the attention, the courtesy -- blew my mind. All the more
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Geri Iannaconi
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